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ACSAC 2008 Advance Program anounced.

Selected best papers presented at ACSAC'08 will be published in a special issue of the Journal of Supercomputing (SCI Indexed) and the Future Generation Computer Science (SCI Indexed).


Computer systems are becoming ubiquitous and provide enormous computational potential for science, engineering, medicine, finance, and entertainment. The ACSAC conference provides a forum for presenting research on most aspects of computer system architecture, with a focus on parallel architectures, computation models, reconfigurable systems, high performance architectures, compilers, power aware techniques, ubiquitous computing architectures and next-generation computing technologies. ACSAC has been held annually since 1996 to allow leading research groups to present their current research activities and their latest results.


   Instruction-level parallelism (ILP) and thread-level parallelism (TLP)
   Processor architectures and microarchitectures
   Parallel architectures and computation models
   Reconfigurable computing systems
   Memory systems
   OS for emerging architectures
   High-performance I/O architectures
   Compilers and tools for all of the above
   Benchmarking and measurement of real systems
   OS and architecture support for secure computing
   Architectures for high-productivity embedded systems
   Simulation and performance evaluation
   Hardware support for OS and compilers
   Energy efficient and power aware techniques
   Interconnect networks and network interfaces
   Methodologies and architectures for application-specific systems
   Impact of VLSI scaling and advanced submicron design
   High-availability, high-reliability and fault tolerant architectures
   Hardware/software partitioning, co-design and co-verification
   Self-timed/globally asynchronous locally synchronous designs
   Mobile system designs and implementations
   Ubiquitous computing and architectures
   Next-generation computing technologies


   Workshop Proposal Due:    January 15, 2008
   Full Paper Due:    March 30, 2008 (extended)
   Notification of Acceptance:    May 15, 2008
   Final Camera-Ready Due:    June 01, 2008
   Conference Dates:    August 4-6, 2008


The Thirteenth IEEE Asia-Pacific Computer Systems Architecture Conference IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) National Tsing Hua University Computer and Communication Research Center National Science Counsel Ministry of Economic Affairs Ministry of Economic Affairs Microsoft

National Tsing Hua University      Computer and Communication Research Center      Department of Computer Science
Last Update: July 02, 2008