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REGISTRATION: Which identity/registration rate should I choose?
There are four identities/registration rates, Author, IEEE Member, Regular, Student.
According the registration information 1, if you are the author of an accepted paper and none of your co-authors have registered as the author of your paper, please choose "author". If any of your co-authors had selected the author rate already you don't have to select author, but it's okay to select author if you want to.
If you're not an author and you're an IEEE Member, please select IEEE Member.
If you're not an author and you're a Student Attendee, please select Student.
If you're not an author nor IEEE Member nor Student, please select Regular.

Registration Information
1. All accepted papers of ACSAC 2008 conference and workshops are required to register, following the rules below:
At least one author of an accepted paper must register at the full rate (Author, NT $14000/US $450). The student discount CANNOT be applied. If a presenter is going to present multiple papers, each paper should be registered as required.
2. Each accepted paper should have one register by the due date of final manuscript submission. A paper without registration by the due will be automatically withdrawn from ACSAC 2008 Proceedings and program.
3. Paper registration cannot be canceled nor refunded.
4. Hotels can be booked through the web: Hotels/Accomodations

REGISTRATION: What happends if I have more than one paper accepted?
According the registration information 1, if you are the author of more than one accepted paper. You can ask your co-authors to register as the author and pay the author rate, or you can fill all of your papers into the form in the registration page and pay extra fee for multiple papers.

VISA: VISA for attandees from The People's Republic of China
VISA for attandees from The People's Republic of China (Mandarin/Chinese Web Page) [pdf]
Please use reload this page by using the encoding UTF-8 if the page doesn't show correctly.
Please note the format of photographs:
(excerpted from the National Immigratoin Agency of Republic of China)


Q5: Can a figure span across the 2-column format?
A: Yes, as long as the figure remains within the specified paper-width margins.

Q7: There are discrepancies in the author instructions between the PDF/LaTeX/text files. Which one do I follow?
A: We are currently addressing this issue and apologize for any discrepancies you may find. The PDF versions of the manuscript guidelines are the most up-to-date. We are currently updating the other versions to match these guidelines. Please follow one set of instructions and be consistent throughout your paper.

FINAL MANUSCRIPT: Can I upload my copyright form to the submission site instead of fax it or email it?
It's okay to submit your copyright form to the submission site instead of email and fax.

FINAL MANUSCRIPT: Do I have to upload all pages of copyright?
You don't have to submit/fax/email every page of the form. The page with your signature must be submit/fax/email to us.


If Q&A couldn't answer your question please feel free to contact us at
Questions related to paper: acsac2008@gmail.com.
Questions related to visa: acsac08_visa@ccrcweb.cs.nthu.edu.tw.
Questions related to registration: acsac08_register@ccrcweb.cs.nthu.edu.tw.
Questions related to copyright: acsac08_register@ccrcweb.cs.nthu.edu.tw.

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